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A) Partner Agent

Mufeed Solutions is proud to build strong relationships with our partner agents who are the flag bearers of the organization, helping grow value enriched networks. One of the important areas that Mufeed Solutions invests in is developing the value network, a network of individuals with passionate and entrepreneurial mindsets. As your partner, we seek mutual success with helping you grow your business as our priority.

 As a Mufeed IPA (independent partner agent), you will build your own portfolio of customers and will share the benefit on a monthly basis to the life of the portfolio with Mufeed Solutions.

What We offer You:

  • Weekly, flexible trainings
  • Marketing materials
  • Specialized training on portfolio management systems
  • Centralized mentorship with one point of contact
  • Potential business leads in your area
  • Unique investments in our partner agents

     If you’d like to grow your additional income stream and have remaining time (5/wk at a minimum), we can help you. Just give us a call! We are ready to work with you and offer a diverse array of benefits and resources for optimized mutual success.

B) Referral Agent

Mufeed Solutions has one of the most liberal referral agent programs in the industry if you are seeking to grow your income stream and have time (5 hrs/wk at a minimum). You will be surprised to see how much value you can create out of this. Our market research arm has created thousands of potential leads that are located throughout the U.S.. So it doesn’t matter where you are located within the country, we will provide leads in your area and help you close deals with a unique array of resources.

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