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Payroll Solutions
Mufeed offers remarkably cost competitive Payroll Services and holds extensive knowledge in the payroll service business. With the Mufeed  Payroll Services comes a solution that helps employers like you meet business compliance issues today and in the future as your organization succeeds in this competitive business environment.

Let's face it: No one goes into business to experience the joy of tax filing. No business owner looks forward to wading through the mountains of paperwork related to payroll service and employee benefits.
Mufeed Payment Process Include:  
  • In partnership with ADP
  • You call, fax (or) enter your payroll online
  • We do the rest to make sure
  • Your payroll taxes are paid to local, state and Federal agencies
  • We will provide1099 and W2s
  • New hire reporting
  • Poster and compliance updates and more


Your 5 minutes phone calll may help you SAVE your bottom line with better service.
For more information please call: 1 877 728 3430 Ext: 790